Best Bond Quality

Differences in quality can be proven

At F & K DELVOTEC we are very clear about quality assurance: it is better to produce the best bond quality from the start rather than to search for faults during the process. That's why we developed the Bond Process Control (BPC), the only bond process monitoring with real-time control of the bond quality.  

During the actual bonding the BPC can improve the quality of the bonds. In addition the functions for the statistical control of the BPC allow continuous registration and analysis of up to 436 relevant parameters in an SDQL data bank. Other systems on the market only assess the quality of the bonds and propose changes to the parameters for subsequent bonds without controlling the actual bond. 

Benefits of process control with the BPC

  • Desired or random process changes are effortlessly and exactly traced
  • Process parameters sampled at a very high sample rate can be communicated to F & K DELVOTEC, should any bonding problems occur. This enables targeted, rapid, analysis and classification of the root cause regarding material, process or machine without the need for field service involvement
  • Continuous Improvement: Evaluation of the data banks containing the parameters of all bonds ever made enable the customer`s quality management to document and track the achievable compared to the actual quality for different products and processes

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