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You stay ahead, because we stay ahead

Many of F & K DELVOTEC`s innovative customers started small and developed rapidly and successfully. A not insignificant contribution from F & K DELVOTEC is a reliable and future-safe comprehensive package : flexible wire bonders plus comprehensive service before, during and after the decision to invest.

A clear indicator that our customers value this package, are the best ratings we continue to get in market surveys.

Service before the purchase

We stand ready to help with words and deeds during the development of the customer`s product. We give advice regarding the layout of the bond connections and the optimisation of the bond process.

Service during installation

F & K DELVOTEC gives complete and detailed training to customer operators and engineers, allowing them to extract the maximum performance from their wire bonder.


Service during the full life time of the product

We take care that the F & K DELVOTEC wire bonder continues to bond with the same high bond quality for many years. We also take care that the operators and engineers know-how expands continuously over the years because he who masters his technology and process, stays ahead of the field in the future.

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F & K M17 Serie

Fully automatic wire bonder
More flexible and reliable than any other machine family of its type in the world

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Bond Process Control 

To monitor is good, to control is better
The only process control on the market that actively controls the process.

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Handling and Automation

Highly flexible for all applications
From manual component loading to highly automated transport

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