Innovation leader – Staying Ahead in Bonding Technology

Since the company was formed in 1978 F & K DELVOTEC GmbH has regularly produced pioneering work in the development of revolutionary new technologies that have subsequently progressed to market standards.

One of several reasons for this is the uncommonly high investment in research and development, unusual for a medium sized company. This is often tied in to combined research projects such as Wirecoat, RoBe, HotAl, or Flexjoin with leading companies in the semiconductor and electronics industries as well as internationally recognised research institutes.

Numerous awards underline the status of innovation leader, most recently the Innovation Award from Productronica 2015 for the revolutionary Laser bonder.

Over 40 patents world-wide

  • First 4-axis bond head: allows any shape and size components to be firmly fixed
  • First wire bonder with a platform concept: a basic machine with exchangeable bond heads and one software for all bonding processes.
  • Quality control with Bond Process Control: the first and only real-time control of the bonding energy for superior bonding consistency.
  • First quick change wire guide with clip-on technology
  • First gold ball bonder with forced tail creation for reliable bonding on soft and ductile material
  • First process control for stable, industry-capable bond process with coated wire
  • First laser bonder for large cross area connectors in the power electronic industry


F & K M17S

The most reliable on the market
Fully automatic wire bonder with a single bond head

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F & K M17D

The most productive on the market
Fully automatic wire bonder with two bond heads

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F & K M17L

The most flexible on the market
Biggest Work area for Fine Wire Bonding

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F & K M17XL

The biggest on the market
Fully automatic wird bonder with a huge work area

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