Everything about wire bonding from a single source

Whether for semiconductors, power modules, sensors, photo-voltaic cellsor battery systems, the challenges from our customers are as varied as their products. Despite all the variations they have one thing in common: the desire for a secure, future-safe investment for their electronic manufacturing.

Hardware, Software and Automation – all of the same mould

F & K DELVOTEC chooses the most suitable wire bonder depending on the application, automates the connection to existing up-line and down-line equipment, including buffer stations and magazines and integrates the most efficient feeding system. F & K DELVOTEC Software can be coupled to third party software; as per SMEMA-Standard – with quality tools within the bonder and an open interface to quality management. Furthermore we are the only manufacturer designing and buiding all the various  automation products in-house.

Comprehensive Process-Know-how as a bonus

We support the customer during the complete product cycle. The comprehensive Know-how within F & K DELVOTEC is particularly appreciated buy those new to wire bonding technology.

  • Pre-trial testing of bondability and product design shortens the development time and avoid any potential stumbling blocks e.g. measurment of component or wire resonance) 
  • Pre-series samples on production equipment
  • Process optimisation prior to the series production to ensure product quality and make the process as rubust as possible
  • Customer schooling and training to build-up the required technology and process know-how
  • Quality assurance through evaluation of data banks in the wire bonder


F & K M17 Serie

Fully automatic wire bonder
More flexible and reliable than any other machine family of its type in the world

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Laser Bonder

The revolutionary bond concept
Robust process for simple and low cost manufacture

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Handling and Automation

Highly flexible for all applications
From manual component loading to highly automated transport

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