Platform concept

High diversity combined with low life cycle costs

The automotive industry pioneered the platform concept. Since 1997 F & K DELVOTEC has followed this simple but ingenious manufacturing and development principle. Using tried-and-tested standard components for the complete M17 product family keeps investment costs at a minimum and ensures greater competitiveness for the customer.

Based on a homogenous technology platform, all M17 wire bonders can be used for all wire bond processes. From small series to mass production, from fine wire, heavy wire, gold ball as well as thin ribbon to heavy ribbon bonding.

Same components, identical software

  • F & K DELVOTEC wire bonders are based on two basic versions with different sized work areas
  • F & K DELVOTEC wire bonders use the same components for control, power supplies, handling and drive technologies
  • The bondheads for the different applications can be fitted on every F & K wire bonder and can be swapped in a few minutes
  • All F & K DELVOTEC wire bonders utilise the same software. Depending on the bond process irrelevant parameters are suppressed, making additional schooling of operators unnecessary




F & K M17 Serie

Fully automatic wire bonder
More flexible and reliable than any other machine family of its type in the world

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Laser Bonder

The revolutionary bond concept
Robust process for simple and low cost manufacture

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Bond Process Control 

To monitor is good, to control is better
The only process control on the market that actively controls the process.

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