Handling and Automation

From manual handling to fully-automated production lines

One-stop-shopping at F & K DELVOTEC: We,offer not only consultancy, hardware, software and service, but we also design the complete production line – for increased production volumes at lower unit cost. As a matter of course, we keep the customer`s requirements concerning flexibility, quality, efficiency and output in our sights. Our motto is Smartomation: as automatic as necessary, as manual as possible.

The smallest components which can be processed on F & K wire bonders measure less than 2.2 mm and weigh only a few milligrams. The largest components are  1.200 mm long, 700 mm wide and weigh over 40 kg. Lot sizes on the other hand range from 1 to millions – the component handling options therefore range from manual to highly automated transport.

Input / Output lift system

  • fully automatic transport from magazine to magazine
  • single and multi-magazine handling
  • Stand-alone with multi-language menus
  • different magazine widths catered for


Individual clamping fixtures for manual handling

Perfect wire bonds require precise and rigid clamping of the work piece during bonding. Printed circuit boards and ceramic substrates are often distorted or bent. Our specially designed clamping systems ensure proper clamping during bonding.

Based on product drawings supported by sample bonding tests F & K DELVOTEC develops and manufactures customised and ergonomic clamping fixtures using the experience gained from thousands of designs

  • 4" x 4" up to 10" x 8"
  • unheated or heated
  • vacuum and/or mechanical clamping
  • standard adapter for flat substrate
  • customised adapter plate

Customised indexing systems

For fast production with high throughput F & K DELVOTEC develops and manufactures adjustable width indexing systems with fully automatic clamping fixtures based on product drawings or process analyses for substrates, leadframes, pallets, Auer Boats, printed circuit boards and housings.


Of course standard indexing systems can also be integrated without difficulty.

  • standard or customised indexer systems
  • unheated or heated
  • fully automatic transport
  • including stopper system and anti-crash sensors
  • customised clamping units (vacuum and/or mechanical)
  • heated pre- and bond-station
  • SMEMA-Standard



Quick change and pre-heating stations lower production time

F & K DELVOTEC quick-change systems simplify product changes for small production runs significantly. Furthermore F&K Delvotec wire bonders can be fitted with integrated pre-heating stations reduce heating time at the bond station. Handling is then easier, the production time is lowered and output increases significantly.

Service along the line

F & K DELVOTEC configures complete production lines including testing and commissioning. Naturally we keep the overall process in our sight and coordinate our solution with the upstream and downstream processes.

If required, our parent company Strama-MPS, a special purpose machine builder and manufacturer of assembly lines for automotive and electronics industry can provide long-term automation expertise. The result is a sustainable and reliable solution which is complete from A to Z. 

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