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Laser ribbon cu

Power electronics, systems & battery 21700

Power electronics

Robust Contamination & oscillation

The LSB process is very contamination robust. The LSB process avoids issues with resonance & clamping.

Negligible bond force

With LSB, bond force is negligible. Ideal for power electronics with thermal path in focus.

Weld depth precision

With the laser focus fixed in the tool, the welding depth is always precise. Loop geometry can be freely programmed for every connection.

Power Systems


Multiple ribbons can be inserted. Multiple ribbon stacking is also possible with the LSB. The loops can be 50mm or even longer.

Layout freedom

High current connections can be freely inserted in any direction.

Lines & Circles

The ribbon welding geometry can be freely defined with multiple lines or a circular form. Via “wobble” amplitude parameter, high current cross sections are achieved.

Battery Cylindrical

Ribbon Flexibility

The LSB can be used for any number of module designs, single sided & dual sided, cell to cell or cell to bus bar.

Ribbon bonds compensating tolerances

The need for Zero gap and placement accuracy is much reduced with ribbon.


With fixed tool focus, Micro welding depth precision & energy dosage remain consistent over every module. The camera recognition system places the weld exactly on the rim.


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