Ultrasonic Laserbonder

Leading connection technology for large cable cross-sections in power electronics.

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Ultrasonic Wire Bonder

Semi- and fully automated connection solutions for the sensor, semiconductor and automobile industry.

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BPC Inside

Patented Bond Control System for real-time monitoring, setting and control of the bond quality.

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Bond Academy

Best bond results through user trainings, knowledge transfer, consultation and useful services.

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Many convincing arguments for your future with F & K DELVOTEC

The compact, space saving wire bonder F & K M17S is a veritable multi-talent. It can be converted to any current wire bond process in a very short time.  For the highest productivity and the lowest operating costs the applications experts at F & K DELVOTEC determine the degree of automation for the customer product: Smartomation as guarantee for low Total Cost of Ownership.

It doesn’t get any more flexible than this: the fully automatic wire bonder F & K M17L not only boasts the largest working area for thin wire bonders. It can also be reconfigured with bond heads for deep access, heavy wire or heavy ribbon. Add to that an enormous range of automation options for manual handling, single- or double-track feeding systems or even combined manual and automatic parts handling. And all of this comes in variants for up to 500 mm height clearance for very tall components.

Highly productive and always aiming for zero defects: the fully automatic, compact wire bonder F & K M17D was adapted to the special requirements of mass production of power semiconductors and power modules in the automotive industry. It is the only wire bonder on the market offering the possibility to bond fine and heavy wire or heavy ribbon in a single machine.

With the XL wire bonder, as so often in the past, F & K DELVOTEC engineering  accomplished innovative pioneering work. The largest work area in the world makes childs play of bonding large components such as battery modules for electro-vehicles or concentrator cells. A guarantee for the best quality and zero defect production: despite the large travelling distance the robotic arm remains vibration free and is positioned with micron accuracy.

With the world premier of their laser bonder in 2015, F & K DELVOTEC GmbH underlined once again the validity of its motto: Staying ahead in Bonding Technology. The completely new process, based on laser micro-welding, is particularly suitable for joining ribbon as well as bonding wire onto battery terminals and onto DCB substrates and copper terminals in power electronics modules. With laser bonding  the application of ribbon bonding for much higher currents is accomplished.

With our bonding experts, the operators, fitters and process managers from the semiconductor industry, the automotive industry and other highly innovative electronics industries are in the best hands.The training modules generally take place in specially equipped facilities at F &K DELVOTEC's headquarters in Ottobrunn under optimal conditions. On request, some of the modules may be carried out on your machines on your premises.

Our keys of success – Staying Ahead in Bonding Technology




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