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Ultrasonic fine wire Al

MEMS, sensors, COB, hybrid, power gates

MEMS, Sensors

Frequency specialist on pins

In-house transducer manufacture. We can always avoid resonance issues.

Chip on pin

Ultra gentle, ultra precise – lowest possible bonding force and power. Our BPC ensures deformation consistency on challenging applications.

BPC to deformation, not to time

Bonding to deformation and not to seconds. The BPC allows for the softest process with consistency peace of mind.

COB, Hybrid

COB Constant Loops

The classic spider with the long flat loops.

The loop geometry varies from every wire.

Fine Pitch Minimal deformation

For fine pitch we select a higher frequency for minimal deformation & ultra narrow bonds.

Using 20µm wire together with specialist concave tools we can get down to 30µm pitch.

Complex 3D Interwoven looping

For high current Hybrids HF packages the Complex 3D looping is easy to program through the F&K GUI.

Power Gates

Alu 25µm gate terminals

F&K has been producing dual head power electronic bonders since 1983.

Cmk analysis

The Bond Academy offers a wide range of statistical analysis templates.

Precision fine wire