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Ultrasonic heavy wire Al 375 - 500 µm

COB, hybrid, Power electronics, battery 21700

Power electronics

Lead to DBC

Lead terminals – oscillation & contamination are often a challenge here.

S shape 500µm Alu bonds

S shape bonds for Maximum power density.

Short loops on the source pad

Best energy density and thermal performance can be achieved with the Back-cut short loop capability.

Intelligent power modules

Electroplated Ni to ENIG

High Step down loops onto ENIG.

Electroplated Ni to DBC

High Step down loops onto DBC.

Experimental Casting to Bond-pads

Laser solution prefered.

BPC, smart In-head pull tester

Consistency in an inconsistent world

The BPC adjusts ultrasonic power & duration to regulate deformation in real time for every bond.

Bond to deformation

Although the BPC cannot correct an un-bondable surface, it can compensate for inconsistency.

Here the contamination has increased the bond time until the desired deformation is achieved.

Pull smart

Many use the BPC to intelligently activate selective pull testing based on the BPC pre-defined thresholds.

Front cut – back cut

Option Front-Cut

The front-cut options offers simplicity and very simple servicing.

Back-cut for for chips

The back cut techniques is ideal for bonding onto a chip. We operate the cutter with micro meter precision to cut 90° through the wire. The remaining 10° is enough to pull the wire back under the tool and a clamp tear is performed.

Back-cut for short loops

At 3.5mm wide, our back cut tool is the slimmest available allowing for ultimate access. Wire feeding is also especially easy.