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Ultrasonic fine wire Au

MEMS, sensors, hard disks, opto, HF, RF

MEMS, Sensors

Pin to pad Deformation precision

45° feed pin to pad. To protect the delicate chip, the BPC allows of a soft process with perfect deformation for a consistent table tear.

Extreme step downs Wire & tool control

Through the stability of our motion and a double reverse loop forming, we keep the wire precisely controlled through the largest of step downs.

Loop library

Your loop library enables easy optimisation & flexibility.

Opto, RF, HF

HF & ultra sensitive chips

Bond Force Ultrasonic power regulated in millisecond tact.

Consistent long loop couplers

Extreme loop consistency loop height in HF through optimised wire feeding.

Bond & loop accuracy

Optimal placement precision & loop control. The gold wires are formed with a cross groove tool.