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The F & K DELVOTEC platform concept enables customised solutions without expensive individual production of special machines or components. This applies not only to proven standards such as bond heads, control, power supply and drive technology, but also to the same extent to parts feeding and material handling. As automatic as necessary, as manual as possible: Smartomation, these are intelligent solutions for automation from F & K DELVOTEC.

The degree of automation grows with the customer

We offer component fixtures and transport systems for every conceivable workpiece, ranging from simple manual bonding stations with or without clamping to complex transport systems from magazine to magazine or even inline. Special advantage: The degree of automation grows or shrinks with the customer's requirements.

Component automation can be upgraded at any time from manual to automatic or from magazine to interlinked production - and back again. In cooperation with our parent company Strama-MPS, we integrate F & K wire bonders into complete production lines with additional joining, assembly and testing stations.

Manual or fully automated?

All bonders are built according to the cantilever principle. The bonder system is mounted on the rear wall, leaving three sides completely free. This offers two advantages: the workpiece can be inserted from the front and is thus easily exchangeable. In addition, workpieces can have twice the working width of the wire bonder because they can be bonded with rotation in two passes.

Clamping systems, positioning systems and material handling

  • Printed circuit boards and ceramic substrates are often warped or curved. Specially designed clamping systems ensure flat holding during bonding.
  • Automatic positioning and transport systems for common substrate variants such as leadframes, pallets, Auer boats, PCBs, large housings, solar cells, batteries.
  • Typical basic variants Magazine lifts: one magazine, several magazines next to each other, several magazines in tiers, can be refilled independently of the bonding operation
  • Customised integration of the wire bonder in complete production line