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Ultrasonic ball wedge Au

MEMS, Sensors, Opto, RF, HF, COB & Hybird

MEMS, Sensors

Placement accuracy

20µm fine wire for 45µm deformed balls (Free Air Balls = >35µm) placement at fine pitch 60µm.

Security bump

Gold flashed surfaces are often not so consistent. The security ball bonds ensure durability.

Long low loops

Specialized loop forming capabilities allow long and low loop shapes.

Opto, RF, HF

Bonding Precision

Through our calibration routine, we can achieve accuracies down to +/- 5µm.

High current laser 70µm pitch

Placement precision, motion stability, loop control. F&K automated ball wedge since 1977.

HF loop precision

HF loop consistency through perfected looping wire drag consistency.

COB, Hybrid

Chip to chip Stitch on ball

“stich-on-ball” tailless bumping & placement accuracy allows for chip to chip connections.


Stitch on Ball (SOB)

Our Stitch on Ball process give the ideal surface for the destination bond.

COB Long loops

Motion stability & constant drag for a comprehensive loop library.

nEFO Logger

nEFO logger highest resolution

A ball-wedge flame off typically takes about 6 ms. The nEFO logger tracks the current and resistance of every flame off with millisecond resolution.


nEFO logger diagnostics

Easy diagnostics for an imperfect world. The nEFO monitoring can raise an alarm and makes diagnosis the millisecond event straightforward.