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Sensors, Hybrids

Sensitive surfaces

Touchdown speed control allows allow for heavy wires on delicate surfaces.

Resonance & extra deformation on pins

Transducer frequency selection, deformation control, placement accuracy and cutter control for challenging applications.

Palladium with minimal Deformation

Palladium is an extremely sensitive surface. The BPC allows us to select a minimal deformation whilst maintaining high bond strength.


Minimal deformation

The BPC enables bonding to a specified deformation.

Housing access

The Front & Back cut tools are only 3.5mm wide and 5.3mm deep allow for unparallel access.

Transducers in house

Transducers are manufactured in house to meet the broadest range off applications. Frequency are 40 kHz, 58 kHz, 90 kHz, 94 kHz, 120 kHz.

Power electronics, lead terminals

Jig free zero gap Clamping on the fly

LSB means no welding mask, clamping is on the fly. Different product can be bond simultaneously simply via the programming.

High temperature DIP IPMs. Sensitive substrates

Where performance heat path design requires sensitive substrates, the LSB process can deliver high current connections.

800µm Lead terminal 300µm metallisation

On typical 300µm Cu metallisation, the LSB can weld lead terminals up to 800µm with weld depth precision guaranteed through the fixed focus tool.