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Inline defect detection during laser welding of battery cells

This is the title of our publication in the Journal of Laser Applications from the associated research project, which focusses on monitoring weld seam quality in laser-based contacting processes for battery cells.


The following link will take you to the open-access publication: Inline failure detection in laser beam welding of battery cells: Inline failure detection in laser beam welding of battery cells: Acoustic and spectral emission analysis for quality monitoring | Journal of Laser Applications | AIP Publishing


Learn more about the approach to using a process monitoring system capable of capturing both spectral and airborne process emissions during the laser welding process.

By statistically analysing the data, the effectiveness of the system in detecting various defects such as spatter or contamination was proven.


This monitoring system therefore has the potential to improve the reliability and effectiveness of battery systems.


If you have any questions about the publication or the research project, please contact the team led by Johannes Heilmeier with co-authors Michael Kick, Sophie Grabmann, Tatek Muschol, Franz Schlicht, Felix von Hundelshausen, Hans-Georg von Ribbeck, Tony Weiß and Michael F. Zaeh.

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